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Friday’s Giveaway: 30-minute Phone Consultation from The Clutter Cutters (closed)

Today we are giving away…

A 30-minute Phone Consultation

with Cari Pemberton

from The Clutter Cutters

It’s a brand new year.  Time to get organized, right?  From Cari Pemberton with The Clutter Cutters:

Getting organized makes the top 10 list of New Year’s resolutions consistently. Are you tired of hunting for car keys and schoolwork? Are you embarrassed when someone drops by unexpectedly? Do you spend money buying things you know you already have – if only you could find them?

It’s like she’s reading my mind!

My husband and I recently organized and renovated our garage.  It was a lengthy and difficult process that involved much compromising on both sides.  Nick has many hobbies, including woodworking and rebuilding a 1965 Jeep.  Those two hobbies require a lot of space, however, and we only have one garage (which I insist on parking in!).  He just didn’t have the time, money, or space to pursue both hobbies right now.  Finally, he decided to sell the Jeep and convert half of the garage into a woodshop.  We sold and donated piles of stuff and added shelving to keep our useful possessions organized.

There’s one little detail I’ve neglected to mention:  it has taken us 5 YEARS to reach this point!  I’m not kidding!  Imagine if we had called Cari 5 years ago for a phone consultation.  In 30 minutes, she could have listened to both sides of the situation (Nick’s desire to pursue two big hobbies and my desire to park both our cars in the garage) as we worked out a compromise.  She then could have offered advice on making our garage a more functional space.  We may have even discussed some financial suggestions; perhaps to sell the Jeep and save the proceeds for a future “project car” when more time and space is available.  She could have helped us put together a realistic time line so that we could track our progress toward our goals.

Don’t make the same mistake we made:  call Cari TODAY!

Cari Pemberton is a Certified Family Manager Coach.  She specializes in helping family managers with home and home-based-business organization, space planning, time and schedule management, meal planning and shopping, financial record management, special event planning, photo organization, and more. What would you ask about if you had a few minutes on the phone with Cari?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Email Cari digital photos (with prior notice) and she can offer advice on how to better utilize a space
  • Work out a schedule that coordinates the commitments of all family members
  • Carve out routines for self-care
  • Suggestions for organizing recipes, meal planning, and using coupons to save on groceries

There are several ways to follow Cari and The Clutter Cutters online:

Visit her website.

Follow her blog on Fresh Ink.

Join the Family Managers group on Pikes Peak Parent.

Become a Facebook Fan of The Clutter Cutters.

The Clutter Cutters is giving away a 30-minute phone consultation with Cari Pemberton.

Today through Sunday night, you may enter to win up to three times.  Choose any one, two, or all three options.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry.  Winning entries will be validated to ensure that all entry requirements were completed.

1.  Visit The Clutter Cutters website.  Take a look around, then return to this post and leave a comment with your first name and last initial followed by something you would like to discuss with Cari if you won today’s giveaway (example:   Leigh S., how to best organize my daily schedule to balance the needs of my two young children).

2.  Visit Cari Pemberton’s blog on Fresh Ink and read her post containing “January Tips of the Day”.   Once you have visited her post on Fresh Ink, return to this post and leave a comment with your first name and last initial followed by a couple words describing your favorite tip (example:  Leigh S., #10 test a new recipe).

3.  Do you see the logo buttons posted on the right sidebar under the headline “Next Week’s Giveaways”?   Click on one of the buttons to visit their website.  Then, return to this post and leave a comment with your first name and last initial followed by the item that you hope is being given away (example:  Leigh S., dinner at Craftwood Inn).

The winner of the 30-minute phone consultation with Cari Pemberton from The Clutter Cutters will be selected using and announced by 8 a.m. Monday morning, January 10. Be sure to check if you won; if the prize is not claimed within 23 hours, we will announce a new winner the following day. The winner will not be contacted.

This giveaway is open to residents of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.

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Friday’s Winner: Necklace from Courtney with Stella & Dot

The winner of the “Claire” necklace from Courtney Arnstein with Stella & Dot is:

Adriana G.

Please email by 7 a.m. Monday morning (1/10/11) to claim your prize. Include your full name, phone number, and mailing address.  If we don’t hear from you, we will select a new winner tomorrow.  The winning comment was selected using  Enjoy your prize!

Contact Courtney with Stella & Dot today to book a home party in time to order Valentine’s Day gifts!

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