Wednesday’s Giveaway: Dinner from Supper Solutions (closed)

Today we are giving away…

$35 in Meals, Side Dishes, and Desserts

from Supper Solutions

What’s for dinner tonight?  How about tomorrow night?  And then what are you serving 8 days from now?

If you stopped by Supper Solutions this week, you’d have an answer to all three questions.

My husband and I decided to try Supper Solutions.  We scheduled our 2 hour session and thought of it as a “date”.  Honestly, it was really fun!  Here’s how it works.  You walk into the pristine kitchen and put on an apron.  Then, you work your way from station to station, assembling a variety of meals in freezable containers.  All of the ingredients are chopped and arranged for you in the refrigerated stations, with a recipe for you to follow or customize as you wish.  Don’t like garlic?  Leave it out!  (But really, who doesn’t like garlic?).

After a couple hours of “work” (that doesn’t even involve washing dishes), you go home with a variety of nutritious meals for the coming weeks.  Or, you could just call Pati and she will pack it all up for you for a nominal charge.

Now, I will admit that I’ve tried to do this on my own at home before.  By the time I compile freezer-worthy recipes, purchase all of the ingredients, assemble the meals, and clean my kitchen, I’ve already invested well over 2 hours into the project.

Supper Solutions makes sense financially, too.  Included in the price of the meals are all of the freezer bags, containers, and labels.  That stuff isn’t cheap!  You can also avoid purchasing larger quantities of ingredients that you may not use, such as an entire bottle or package of something when you only need a couple tablespoons.

At Supper Solutions, the menu changes every month!  In October, some featured meals include:

  • Bistro Chicken Pasta Salad
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu
  • Chicken Marsala
  • Hawaiian Pork Quesadillas
  • Italian Meatloaf
  • Make it at Home Pizza Kits
  • Mandarin Orange Chicken and Rice
  • Mexican Bean Soup
  • Panko Crusted Pork
  • Peppercorn Roast
  • Zesty Orange Salmon

You can purchase each meal in Full-Size (4-6 servings) or Size Wise (2-3 servings) portions.

Each menu item is labeled to indicate whether it has all-natural meat available, whole wheat available, spicy, vegetarian, low fat, low carb, vegetarian option, non-dairy option, or as a cuisine for disease prevention.

I love how supper solutions makes it easy to plan and prepare nutritious meals for your family at home.  When you look at the cost per serving, it’s usually (significantly) cheaper than the price of a happy meal.

Throwing a baby shower anytime soon?  New moms will love the convenience of being able to turn to their freezer for a quick meal at home during the crazy weeks of round-the-clock mothering!  Gather a group of friends to each prepare one meal and the new mom will go home ready for the pending arrival.

Supper Solutions is located on Powers and Palmer Park.  They are giving away a $35 gift certificate to use for any meals, side dishes, and desserts of the winner’s choice.  Consider this a “taste” of Supper Solutions.

Special discount for Colorado Springs Giveaways readers: Order an 8+ meal package from Supper Solutions and receive $10 off.  Mention “Colorado Springs Giveaways” when you place your order.

Today, you may enter to win up to four times. Choose any one, two, three, or all four options. Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

1. Leave a comment on this post with your first name and last initial (example: Leigh S.).

2. Visit the Supper Solutions website. Check out their menu for the month of November, then return to this post and leave a comment with your first name and last initial followed by the meal that sounds the tastiest (example: Leigh S., Apricot Chicken Breasts).

3. Subscribe to receive the Supper Solutions monthly emails. These emails feature the new menu and any specials for the month. Add your email to the mailing list by emailing, then return to this post and leave a comment with your first name and last initial followed by “email”.

4.  Become a Facebook fan of Colorado Springs Giveaways. Once you have become a fan or if you are already a fan, return to this post and leave a comment with your first name and last initial followed by “Facebook” (example: Leigh S., Facebook).

The winner of the $35 gift certificate from Supper Solutions will be selected using and announced by 8 a.m. tomorrow morning, October 14. Be sure to check if you won; if the prize is not claimed within 23 hours, we will announce a new winner the following day. The winner will not be contacted.

This giveaway is open to residents of Colorado Springs. The winner will be required to visit Supper Solutions to redeem their gift certificate.

  1. Lisa L.

  2. Hawaiian Pork Quesadillas!

  3. April S.

  4. April S., Baked Potato Soup

  5. Jamie D.

  6. Jamie D., triple cheesy baked ziti

  7. Jamie D., facebook

  8. Sheila V.

  9. Jessica S

  10. Baked Potato Soup

  11. Jessica S “Longhorn Chicken Burritos”

  12. Rene H., Zesty Orange Salmon

  13. Eric K

  14. Rene H., Facebook

  15. Amber W,

  16. Rene H.

  17. Amber W. Baked Potato Soup YUM!!

  18. Amber W. facebook

  19. Eric K, Baked potato soup

  20. Jessica S “Email”

  21. Amber W. email

  22. Jessica S “Facebook”

  23. Ron E.

  24. Tracey H.

  25. Tracey H., Zesty Orange Salmon

  26. Tracey H, facebook

  27. Stacy G

  28. Stacy G – Calzones Your Way – yum

  29. Stacy G – Facebook

  30. Carmela A, facebook

  31. Carmela A; Honey Flaked Chicken looks good!

  32. Carmela A

  33. Tamara M.

  34. Tamara M., Facebook

  35. Amy M.

  36. Amy M., Hawaiian Pork Quesadillas YUMMY

  37. Tamara M., Southwest Sausage Frittata

  38. Amy M., Facebook

  39. Kathy B.

  40. Kathy B. Chicken Saltimbocca Yummy!

  41. Kathy B. – email

  42. Jennifer Y

  43. Kathy B. – Facebook!

  44. Jennifer Y facebook

  45. Jennifer Y Bistro Chicken pasta salad

  46. I have never tried this, but have heard great things about the balanced and nutritious meals that you can get!

  47. Heather G.

  48. Sheri M. – Facebook

  49. Sarah V.

  50. Sarah V. – Calzones Your Way

  51. Angie J.

  52. Angie J, Facebook

  53. Melinda A

  54. Dawnlyn P

  55. Dawnlyn P
    Pizza Chicken

  56. Dawn S.

  57. Denise L.

  58. Dawn S., Blackened Catfish

  59. Dawn S., Facebook

  60. Cindy H.

  61. Cindy H. , Pork and Pear

  62. Heather M.

  63. Margie R

  64. Margie R., facebook

  65. Margie R.,Rocky Mountain Petite Roast

  66. Sheryl A

  67. Jessica L.

  68. Sheryl A, Hawaiian Pork Quesadillas


  70. Sheryl A, email

  71. Jessica L., French Toast Family Style

  72. Julie A.

  73. Julie A. Hawaiian Pork Quesadillas

  74. Julie A. Facebook

  75. Adriana G.

  76. Adriana G.
    Chicken Saltimbocca – sounds so yummy!

  77. Mandi P. Facebook

  78. Mandi P.

  79. Mandi P. Rocky Mountain Petite Roast! Mmmm…

  80. Tammy D

  81. Tammy D Facebook

  82. the hawaiian pork quesadillas sound really delicious

  83. Tammy D – Chicken Saltimbocca


  85. Noriko C, facebook

  86. Rachel J

  87. Rachel J, facebook

  88. Rachel J, Supper solutions to the rescue…yeah I’d say!!!

  89. Vicky M

  90. Vicky M, Blackened Catfish with Lemon Rice

  91. Vicky M, Facebook

  92. Kelsey P

  93. That takes eating out to a whole new level.

  94. As a busy mom of 3 and a daycare provider, I could so use this! :) Great giveaway, Leigh!

  95. Mandarin orange chicken & rice.

  96. facebook

  97. Michelle O. makes a comment

  98. Krysia B. email

  99. andrea b

  100. Brian B.

  101. Lisa H

  102. Brian B., Chicken Marsala

  103. Honey Flaked Chicken and the French Toast Dish

  104. Brian B., e-mail

  105. Brian B., Facebook

  106. Shelly Marie B.

  107. Shelly Marie B., Chicken Saltimbocca

  108. Shelly Marie B., e-mail

  109. Facebook

  110. Shelly Marie B., Facebook

  111. email

  112. Erika B.

  113. Sara N

  114. Sara N, Blackened catfish

  115. Aprillee S
    Pork and Pear Skillet

  116. I love Supper Solutions and it’s been years since I’ve been there!

  117. Malissa C., Chicken Cordon Bleu:) Yummy!

  118. Jessica W. (

  119. Jessica W., Hard choice, but I’ll say Chicken Burritos – yummy!

  120. Jessica W., Facebook

  121. Jessica W., Email

  122. Brenda K

  123. Brenda K, Hawaiian Pork Quesadillas

  124. Brenda K, Email

  125. Brenda K, Facebook

  126. Darla C.

  127. Darla C., Baked Potato Soup

  128. Triple Cheesy Baked Ziti

  129. Teri S.

  130. Just had a baby, could use the help :)

  131. Facebook

  132. Blackened catfish!

  133. Katie D.

  134. Katie D., Baked Potato Soup

  135. Ooopps. Forgot the last name itnitial. Can you tell, I really need a keeper these days? Any help with this transition is greatly appreciated.

  136. kristie r

  137. Vicki G

  138. Vicki G, Facebook

  139. How awesome!

  140. kristie r, baked potatoe soup

  141. Marleana N

  142. Marleana N. Facebook

  143. kristie r, email

  144. kristie r , facebook

  145. Yum!

  146. Jaimee S

  147. Jaimee S, The Chicken Cordon Bleu sounds yummy!

  148. Jaimee S. Facebook

  149. Natalie H Facebook

  150. Natalie H.

  151. Holly M

  152. Holly M., Bake Potato Soup

  153. Angie J., Triple Cheesy Baked Ziti

  154. Holly M Email

  155. Holly M facebook

  156. Leah G

  157. ok yum yum

  158. Denise L, Rocky Mountain Petite Roast

  159. Taylor C.

  160. Mmmm, Mandarin Orange Chicken and Rice

  161. Nicole C.

  162. Peppercorn Roast looks great!

  163. Anne J

  164. Anne J, facebook

  165. Karen C

  166. Karen C


  167. I’d love to win this one!
    Beth G

  168. Peppercorn Roast sounds yummy!
    - Beth G

  169. Bonnie O

  170. Bonnie O Chicken Cordon Bleu

  171. Robert H.

  172. Suzanne S.

  173. Suzanne S. Facebook

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